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    ore-At-Bristol is the first of it’s kind – A true 21st century science centre combining the best of hands-on activities with the very latest multi-media techniques. In Explore-At-Bristol science is brought alive through stunning visuals and over 170 interactive experiences.

    In Explore there are four themes:

    Your amazing brain
    Explore the workings of the human brain and discover how you see, hear, think, learn and dream
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    Move it
    Celebrate the ingenious human inventions that have harnessed the power of nature.
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    Curiosity Zone
    Investigate the forces of nature and experiment with light, sound and natural phenomena.
    More:  The Bermuda TriangleTwisting Tornadoes

    Get Connected
    Enter the digital revolution and try out innovative technologies and new ideas
    More:  Zap Scan

    Combine these with the 100 seater Orange Imaginarium (Planetarium), a state-of-the-art Simulator and a fully equipped TV Studio, Explore-at-Bristol makes a great day out for all ages in all weather.

    “An awesome extravaganza of the intriguing, the topical and the bizarre, to delight and inform people of all ages. at-Bristol sets new standards for making science and technology both accessible and fun.”
    Paul Davies, Physicist and author

    Mites, like their spider relatives can spin silk. Some lay lines of silk to allow them to skate across large areas.

    What would life be like if there was no friction? Our newest exhibits aim to tackle this very question.

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