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    Welcome to Wildwalk

    A living rainforest in the heart of the city

    Wildwalk is the first of its kind in the world and offers a new balanced perspective on the natural world.  Over 95% of all animal species known to science are smaller than your thumb.  Wildwalk lets you look at these small creatures and many other forms of life in a totally new way.  From simple beginnings, to the complexity of life today, Wildwalk immerses you on a journey through a rich world of live plants and animals, with stunning images and sounds.

    Births, Babies and Blooms – Summer is here, bringing a new batch of animal and plant life. Discover the latest news from “The living rainforest in the heart of the city”.
    Autumn 2001 Summer 2001 Spring 2001

    Live Animals – From bugs to birds, crabs to chameleons, Wildwalk is home to over 150 species of animals from all the major animal groups on the planet.
    Baby Roul Roul’s

    Living Plants – From prehistoric cycads to exotic palms, flowers and grasses, experience a slice of the steamy tropics in the heart of the city.

    “[Wildwalk] is going to show people how the natural world works in a more exciting, more revolutionary and more thrilling way than anything else in the world. It harnesses all that we’ve learned about zoos, all that we’ve learned about wildlife film-making in television, plus a lot of very inspired ideas.”

    Sir David Attenborough

    In the UK, about one in twelve men and one in 200 women are colour blind – one or more types of cone cell do not work properly

    enjoy the festivities and do your bit for the environment

    Portraits of some of the menacing-looking creatures that inhabit the dark zone

    Take a tour of Wildwalk with live webcams, panoramics and text

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