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    Visions of Science exhibition
    10th May to 25th June Wildwalk Foyer

    Photographic exhibition showing images that communicate the impact of science, medicine and technology on all our lives.

    Admission: Entry is free

    Stick around for the Morris Dancing
    5th May Anchor Square & Millennium Square

    On the afternoon of Saturday 5 May, the open spaces around at-Bristol will resound to the sound of music, jingling bells and clashing sticks as Rag Morris celebrate their 20th birthday. Along with a selection of their friends, Rag Morris will fill Anchor and Millennium Squares with traditional English summer fun and frolics

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    Admission: Entry is free

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (The End is Neigh)
    4th May 1.00pm – Anchor Square

    DESPERATE MEN’S Street Spectacle for 2001, 30-40 minutes of unforgettable action with a startling soundtrack. it starts as a large visual installation based around a Horse Box through which the Horsemen will appear:


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    Admission: Entry is free

    Walkie Talkie

    Walkie Talkie is a 600m ‘pavement poem’ written and devised by Bristol poet Ralph Hoyte and artist Colin Pearce. It was commissioned as part of the pioneering Bristol Legible City initiative to make Bristol an easier place to understand and get around. The poem runs from Millennium Square, across the at-Bristol site, along the waterfront to the City Centre.

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    A brief mystery of time
    From 3rd February

    Admission: £2.00 Adults £1.50 Children (3-15 years old)

    A laser show in the Orange Imaginarium, taking a trip back in time and into Space. You can travel through time and see how different cultures, from the Mayans of Mexico to the Trobriand islanders in Papua New Guinea, and the ancient Romans have calculated time over the course of history. Find out how gravity bends both Space and time, and visit a black hole to experience time slowing right down.

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